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Chris McGrail – World Record Holding Powerlifter and Ankh Sport Athlete

Chris McGrail







When I was first introduced to Ankh Sport, I was excited to test out a supplement that actually had no fillers, and was 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients. As a competitive strength athlete, choosing the right dietary supplements can mean the difference of having an edge or just wasting time and money. When I first tested it out I didn’t not have much information on the benefits of Ankh Sport, and I noticed almost immediately a difference in my recovery time after very intense training sessions. I have been training in the sport of powerlifting for over 15 years, and I typically take about 72 hours to recover from high volume exercise. One of the shocking discoveries was that in less than 48 hours I felt very little soreness, and was able to add additional activity to my routines. My energy levels are also through the roof without using caffeine or other artificial means of stimulating my nervous system. I was pretty addicted to energy drinks, and without even realizing it, in less than 2 weeks I wasn’t buying them anymore. It was pretty much a subconscious decision based on the fact that I wasn’t tired, so I didn’t see the need to consume them. Since using Ankh Sport I have eliminated all other sport supplements, since the quality was either poor, or they were just unnecessary. In that short time period I also set a world record in the deadlift for my weight class with 683 lbs at a body weight of 181 lbs. I would recommend Ankh Sport to any athlete looking to buy a quality all-encompassing supplement to help reach true potential in not just athletics, but everyday well-being.

Dr. Sepehr Zandi – Boulder, CO

Let me start out by saying I am not a huge supplement fan. As a Doctor, I’m very evidenced based in my practice and won’t give my patients anything I haven’t used my self. I have been using Ankh for almost a year on myself now and the changes in the first 3 weeks alone is why i’m still on it. After having 2 ACL surgeries and low back fractures I was in a state of chronic pain. Usually tolerable, but flair-ups would keep me down. After being on Ankh for about 3 weeks I started to notice my knee and back pain went away. I felt great! I tried it for 4 months before putting my patients on it, and now they swear by it! My patients are family to me, and I’ve put my family on Ankh with amazing results!


Nick Rossborough – MMA Fighter and Ankh Sport Athlete

Showdown 11 Buchholz vs Bell

Man, I cant say enough about Ankh.  I guess I can start off by saying I love the way it makes me feel, not only the flush feeling when my whole body tingles & I know my supplement is working but the feeling 2 days after……..when normally I wouldn’t be able to move due to doing a max effort lift.  I feel like my body recovers faster & feels better which allows me to stay on track & not miss days due to being sore.  Ankh is some really great stuff.  For people out there not using this product I’d have to say you’re just throwing your money away on products your body really isn’t getting the full effects they say they are giving you.  ANKH UP people, it’s like Popeye’s spinach is pretty much how I can describe it.

Jordan Sisto – CrossFit Competitor


Ankh Team,

Ankh is one of the greatest supplements I’ve ever experienced.

I’m a recreational and competitive Crossfit athlete. I’m not one of the 1% you see on ESPN flipping tires and throwing sandbags around arenas, but I am one of the guys who trains twice a day and will do six workouts over the course of a weekend at a local box to keep myself honest, humble, and driven. Crossfit is how I center myself, and it’s very important to me and my life.

If you are unfamiliar with Crossfit, it’s high-intensity, varied, strength and interval training: that is, we lift weights at high reps and volume for time. To be good at the modalities, you have to be strong, fast, and well-conditioned. To be competitive, you have to push the limits of what you think your body can do. This leads to a few serious physiological and metabolic issues.

The first real problem a Crossfit athlete faces is controlling his or her heart-rate. Strength athletes know that squatting and pressing uses a lot of blood over low volumes, let alone in a workout where the rep scheme is made-up and the fatigue doesn’t matter! This limits the amount of supplements an athlete can take, because stimulants and filler can really mess with a person’s heartrate. Who cares if you’re jacked and can push out one more rep when your heart is pounding in your ears and you can’t focus to tackle a workout. Luckily, Ankh Sport doesn’t have any stimulants or filler for my body to try to detox like a poison. Instead, it’s filled with quality amino acids and ingredients that my body actually uses. I feel focused awake and alert, because my body is actually functioning efficiently! I can move with fluidity and poise, because I know that my body and my central nervous system are firing at their peak capacity. Don’t get me wrong, I still get fatigued, but there is no chance I’m going to go into the gym and under-perform, because I can feel what my body is prepared to do.

The second major problem that comes from high volume work is that ugly workout killer: lactic acid. That pumped-up, tight, destroyer of PRs can wreck an athlete over the courses of a day or a week of tough training. With Ankh, I can literally feel the “Ankh flush” dissipating the lactic acid in the muscle groups that I’ve been working. It’s like a literal target for foam rolling and mobility! Recently, I competed at a State competition and used Ankh Sport over the course of two days and 8 scored events. I gave each workout my best effort at each call of “3,2,1, Go!” and I watched my placing move steadily up the leaderboard as many of my competition began to slow down, need more time to mobilize, and fight fatigue that I had an edge over. What’s more, I was back in the gym a day later, a little sore, but no worse for wear.

The bottom line is that Ankh has taken my body’s ability to recover and focus to a whole new level. I can tackle every gym session with complete confidence that I’m going to bring my best effort, because I don’t have to worry about fighting off fatigue from the day or the weekend before. To say that Ankh Sport has changed the way I train and compete would be an understatement, it has absolutely driven and broadened it.

Also, in case you needed more convincing: since I started using the supplement, I’ve lost nearly ten pounds and haven’t lost a step.


Anonymous – Female/38 year old

Through my life I have had health problems. I have been to many doctors to try and figure out what is going on inside me that causes it all. I have chronic pain, back pain, muscle pain, migraines and a lot of other small  problems. First, I want to thank Chris Palmer at Ankh for two things. Doing the many years of research and testing to create this product and for allowing me to submit this account of my progress anonymously! When I met Chris and we started talking, he listened and asked a lot of questions and a bunch of them my doctors did not even ask. I even let him look at all of my test results from previous doctor visits. Then he went through all of the pills and things I took every day. I took 22 pills in the morning, 8 in the late afternoon and 9 more at night. He was very honest with me and let me know that with the severity of my problems, he knew Ankh could help, but it would not be immediate, and it could take significant time for my body to heal itself with the help of the Ankh product. We even went over the price of my medications so I could see just how Ankh would help. I should clarify. When I said price, I mean not just the money but the cost to the body. Every medication takes a toll on the body. In fact, we went over the number of medications I was taking just to offset some of the other pills bad effects! It was a very eye opening experience for me.

I am now 6 months into taking Ankh. Even though Chris said it would take time, I noticed a difference within the first two weeks. Since then, I still have good and bad days just like before. But the HUGE difference is that my good days are becoming more and more! I used to have 1 good day for every 15-20 bad days. After 6 months, I have 3 good days for every bad day!! And that is just the start! I have dropped medications a LOT! I only take 5 pills in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 at night!!! I feel good enough that I no longer stress eat, which has also helped me lose weight and I have dropped 25 pounds! I just feel so good, and so good about myself now! I cannot say enough about this wonderful product and the company. Ankh really is about the health of us consumers. I think that is what impresses me most. I have never seen a company, or especially a CEO of that company personally email or text a consumer to check in and see how they are doing. I will be an Ankh consumer for life!

Jared Dinerstein – Male

As a middle-aged father of four, I found that my energy levels were low, my overall feelings of “wellness” were terrible, and I was tired and irritable most of the time.  In addition, my body just hurt – stomach pain, joint pain, headaches… misery.  I took vitamins – lots of vitamins from my local Supermarket – I bought bottle after bottle hoping that something would help, that I would stumble on some “miracle” pill that would help me feel better.

After a while I started taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills – again, looking for a cure.  Looking for something that might possibly help me feel well enough to go to the gym, go for a walk, or even feel well enough to just play with my kids.  Unfortunately, nothing worked.  I spent thousands of dollars on supplements that didn’t work, on prescriptions which had some positive net effect but still left me feeling lousy, and on more and more vitamins – I had no idea what I was doing and the outcome showed it – I just couldn’t feel better.

Then I tried Ankh Cell.  Wow.  What a difference.  The first day was intense – my body felt like it was plugged into a light socket!  My body tingled, my skin flushed, and my brain actually turned on!  I felt well enough to focus at work, the pain in my joints felt less intense, and my overall feelings of low energy were just gone.  It wasn’t like drinking an energy drink – no jitters, no sweats, and no worries of a crash.  I felt energized, I found that I could focus, and best of all?  I didn’t feel overwhelmed mentally – the combination of higher mental focus and a better feeling of well-being was outstanding.

In the past year I have taken Ankh almost every day – and I can tell the days that I have missed a dose.  It’s not like I’m missing a prescription medication, but instead it’s as if my body is telling me, “Seriously, buddy, don’t you want to feel better?”

Cellular health is a real thing.  It is a powerful thing.  I couldn’t get it right taking supplements on my own – vitamins, amino-acids, etc.  Everything that I was looking for, in the right amounts, at the right dose, is found in Ankh Cell.

I now feel well enough to play with my kids, go to the gym, and coach my daughter’s soccer team.  I have lost 40 lbs of fat in the past year, but it’s been sustainable weight loss because it’s based on actually being able to make healthier choices because I feel well enough to make them.

Ankh Cell is the real deal.

Anonymous – Female

I have quite a few health problems like crohns, stomach ulcers, acid reflux, and esophageal cancer. With that being said I have been tired and exhausted and not wanting to do much and I am on 11 different medications 4 times a day. I have two young boys who require a lot of attention and I have not had much energy for them. I was introduced to Ankh about 8 weeks ago. I have more energy, I am not in as much pain as often as I was before. I can make it through my long work days and playing with my kids without getting tired. My energy levels are way up. I am now down to 3 different medications 4 times a day instead of the 11. I really like the Ankh supplement and I believe that this has helped me feel better and my energy back.




To all of you at Ankh Global,

I need to request that you keep this as anonymous as possible please. I am a nutritional chemist/scientist at one of the companies where you get your formula blended. As I am sure you are aware, there are many, if not all of us here currently taking Ankh Cell or Sport daily. I have been in this field for 16 years and have seen literally hundreds of formulas for numerous huge corporations. I do not take any of their products and neither do any of my peers.

If I may, I would like to tell your consumers and potential consumers a little story regarding your initial visit to the facility. I hope it does not embarrass you as you seemed like a very nice person. Part of the job here is finding every single corner we can cut to save the client money. In my 16 years, I have never seen a case where the client denied these suggestions. Mr. Palmer was sent our list of items to increase his profitability. He responded within minutes that he wanted the formula done exactly how it was given and that he was not in the market of making money, that, “my business is about helping people feel good and be as healthy as possible”. I quote that because it stunned everyone. You hear so many people state that they want to help people, it is a very common response in this industry. But when it comes to money, and ways for them to make more of it, they *almost always* choose the path that benefits them most.

Mr. Palmer at Ankh Global, you have impressed us all here. Aside from the fact that the formula works in spectacular fashion, the sheer ethical nature you treat this is inspiring. The field needs more people like you in charge of its companies and the decisions that affect so many people. We here wish you the best and would suggest to all – Young and old, active or not, this formula is wonderful and the effects are something we have never seen. Try it. You will feel the change, and you will be healthier at an astonishing level.

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